5 React Websites Powered by the Cosmic JS Headless CMS

Carson Gibbons

Cosmic JS is an API-first Headless CMS that provides a web-based Dashboard to model and create content and structured data, plus API Tools and Resources to integrate content with any website or app. Check out popular use-cases of a Headless CMS. Here are 5 of the most popular React Websites contributed from the Cosmic JS Community, whose mission is to empower teams of developers and content creators with resources to build modern apps faster, together. 

These React Websites were specifically built to integrate with the Cosmic JS Headless CMS. Check out all the open-source code from the Community as well as the Apps Marketplace.

Simple React Blog

Simple React Blog Demo
Download the codebase

Gatsby Blog

Gatsby Blog Demo
Download the codebase

React PWA with Authentication

React Progressive Web App Demo
Download the codebase

Gatsby Agency Portfolio Website 

Gatsby Agency Portfolio Website Demo
Download the codebase

React Appointment Scheduler App 

React Appointment Scheduler App Demo
Download the codebase

Headless CMS Resources

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